Kenny Sharretts
Drum Technician - Drummer - Educator
About Me

Who is Kenny Sharretts?

 I am an A-level drum technician, keyboard tech, and stage manager based in Austin, TX. Inside this site you will find tons of information on drum tuning techniques, drum tech tips I use with my clients, and in the recording studio, as well as links to my instructional drum tech/drum tuning videos posted on my YouTube channel.

A list of all my touring clients both current and former.
Elvis Costello 2018
Janet Jackson 2017 (Lil John Roberts, DJ Aktive)
Puff Daddy 2016 (Eric "Boots" Greene, Marcus Kincey, DJ Aktive)
Janet Jackson 2015 - 2016 (Lil John Roberts, DJ Aktive)
Train 2013 - 2015 (Drew Shoals/Scott Underwood)‚Äč
Stevie Wonder 2007 - 2013 (Drummers: Stanley Randolph/Chris Johnson/Lil John Roberts)
(Percussionists: Fausto Cuevas III, Munyungo Jackson, Roland Gajate Garcia Jr.)
Rihanna 2011-2013 (Chris Johnson)
Enrique Iglesias 2010 (Van Romaine) 
Melissa Etheridge 2002 (Kenny Aronoff)
Michelle Branch 2003 (Kenny Aronoff)
American Idols Live 2006 (Aaron Spears)
Kelly Clarkson 2006 (Derek Wyatt)
Peter Frampton 2006 (Sean Fichter)
Joss Stone 2005 (Caesar Griffin)
30 Seconds to Mars 2007 (Matt Wachter)
Double Trouble 2003  (Chris "Whipper" Layton)
Smashmouth 2004  (Michael Urbano)
When not touring as a technician, I play professionally in Austin with several bands including my original band So Called Underground, my awesome Dance Band Super Fleek,  as well as with artists such as Monte Montgomery, Carson Alexander, and LC Rocks. I also conduct private drum tuning master classes. To book a private drum tuning master class, a worldwide one-on-one online tuning lesson, or a studio session please contact me for pricing, and availability.
I proudly use tools from the following companies: DW Drums, Zildjian Cymbals, , Ultimate Ears, Yamaha DTX Drums, Native Instruments, D'Addario/Evans/Pro Mark, Pintech, Monster, Ludwig Drums, Rimshot Locs, and Toca/LP. 

- Great attitude. I love my life, and the job that I do.
- Excellent drum tuning skills. Versed in many tuning styles.
- Lightning-quick set-up & tear down skills.
- Windows and Mac literate. Software experience includes Pro Tools, Abelton Live, Logic Pro, Komplete 9, Main Stage, 
- Experienced in the use and programming of, Drum triggers, Drum Kats, Roland Products (Vdrums, Fantom Series Keyboards, Jupiter 80, SPDS, SPDSX, SPD80), Yamaha DTX Drums and Keyboards (Motif) , Korg Keyboards (Triton, Kronos), AKAI Samplers, mixers, loops, sequencers, samplers, and soft synths. Skilled with rack design assembly, signal routing, and soldering. Very skilled in the delegation of tasks to my stagehands, the execution of production tasks, and the loading and packing of the truck.
- Experienced in ordering gear and maintaining endorsements.
- Experience with TV performance including: IHeartr Radio Festival (3), The Grammy Awards (3), Billboard Music Awards (2), Live 8 (in London),The Queen's Diamond Jubilee, Hard Rock Calling, R n R Hall of Fame 25th Anniversary Concert, Saturday Night Live (2), The Tonight Show w/Jay Leno,  Today, Good Morning America, PBS Soundstage, MTV's TRL, MTV Beach House, Jimmy Kimmel Live, Le Grand Journal, Much Music Video Awards, Pepsi Smash, and Live with Regis and Kelly