Kenny Sharretts
Drum Technician - Drummer - Educator
Kenny Sharretts Clients

A list of all my clients both current and former.

Janet Jackson (Lil John Roberts/DJ Aktive)
Train (Drew Shoals/Scott Underwood)​
Stevie Wonder (Drummers: Stanley Randolph/Chris Johnson Percussionists: Fausto Cuevas III, Munyungo Jackson, Roland Gajate Garcia Jr)
Rihanna (Chris Johnson)
Enrique Iglesias (Van Romaine) 
Melissa Etheridge (Kenny Aronoff)
Michelle Branch (Kenny Aronoff)
American Idols Live (Aaron Spears)
Kelly Clarkson (Derek Wyatt)
Peter Frampton (Sean Fichter)
Joss Stone (Caesar Griffin)
30 Seconds to Mars (Matt Wachter)
Double Trouble  (Chris "Whipper" Layton)
Smashmouth  (Michael Urbano)
​" I like to refer to Kenny as the drum whisperer. Never heard drums pitched so perfectly" !!!
Sean “Sully” Sullivan – FOH
( RIHANNA, Beck, Atoms For Peace, Norah Jones )