Kenny Sharretts
Drum Technician - Drummer - Educator
Drum Tuning Services/drummer services

Professional Drum, Keyboard, and Digital Technician

I am an A-Level Backline Tech, and Stage Manager with an extreme specialty in drums/keyboards, and 15 years touring experience. My ultimate goal is to successfully serve 2 masters: "The Player" with cadillac service, and "The Crew" with my complete dedication to the phrase "it's ALL about the out". I am currently doing some light touring with Elvis Costello, but otherwise I am available for hire.  Previous clients include Janet Jackson (2015-2017), Stevie Wonder (2007-2013), Rihanna (2011-2013), and Train (2013-2015). For a full client list, and rundown of my skill sets, please check my online resume. Click here to contact me!

Drum Tuning Lessons & Recording Sessions

If you are interested in a one on one drum tuning session but are not local to the Austin, TX area this is for you! The process is fairly simple, you contact me to discuss your drum sound needs and we schedule a live webcast session. The rate for a lesson is $50 an hour.  Please Contact me to discuss, and schedule your online lesson. In your email please include the subject line "SKYPE Drum Tuning Lesson". Payments will be made through PayPal or Venmo prior to the lesson. REFER A FRIEND THAT BOOKS A SESSION AND RECEIVE A 30 MINUTE SESSION FREE!

This lesson is a hands on flip of your whole kit. By the end of this lesson YOU will be better able to get the sounds you want out of your drums, and get rid of the one's that you don't. I recommend buying new batter (top) heads for the entire kit to get the absolute most out of the experience.
Starting at $60/hr in the Austin/Round Rock Area, the average Lesson on a 5 piece Kit is 2 - 3 hours.  Please Contact me , and include "Local Hands on Drum Tuning Lesson" in your subject line.

FULL SERVICE SESSION DRUM TECH - When I’m not on the road, I am happily available to serve the drum tech needs of Central Texas Drummers and Producers. Whether you need a hands on drum tuning lesson, a quick top swap 'n tune, a full kit set-up, or a full service drum tech for the day, I will make sure you get the best drum sounds possible for your session or your gigs.  Package covers all your drum tech/engineering needs throughout a recording session. Daily and weekly rates available. Service package terms, and prices can be adjusted according to your needs, and kit size. Contact me and include in your subject line "Full Service Session Drum Tech".  I also have a nice snare collection that can be added to the session.

Kenny Sharretts the Drummer- services

Need a drummer in Austin, or around world?  I play many styles including Rock, Pop, Country, Blues, Motown, Praise & Worship, and Funk. I'm very experienced in performing with backing tracks, and can rock it to the click in the studio,or live. In addition, I am an accomplished background vocalist who can easily sing while playing drums. In the past I have played for many great Texas artists including Monte Montgomery, George Devore, Kevin Fowler, Rusty Weir, Joe "King" Carassco, and the Led Zeppelin Tribute "Custard Pie". I also have a DEEP cover band catalog which makes me perfect for last minute subs. Please Click here to contact me!

Drum Lessons

Currently accepting new students. Please contact me to set up a drum lesson.