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Chris Johnson's 2011-2012 Drumset For Rihanna
by Kenny Sharretts on March 2nd, 2015

Hello everyone. I have been asked MANY times about the amazing kit Chris Johnson used on Rihanna's 2011-2012 tours. So I figured I'd post a bit about the kit for my gearheads. :-) 
     The foremost feature of this rig is a customized Yamaha Hex rack designed by legendary drum tech Chris Achzet. Achzet designs the sickest racks in the business. Period. Whether using parts from rack manufacturers (DW/Gibraltar/Yamaha/Pearl), or using his own custom designed systems Chris Achzet's work is unparralled. To see some of the most amazing rack designs on the planet please visit L.A.D.S (Los Angeles Drum Service)
This rack was so much fun to build, and so easy to pack up super quickly. 
To view a quick video of CJ's setup CLICK HERE
The drums CJ uaed for thr 2011/2012 tours were Black stain Yamaha Oak Custom. The kit layout is as follows:
Chris Johnson uses Remo drumheads.
 8” tom (Remo Clear Emperor Top/Clear Ambassador Bottom)
10” Tom (Remo Clear Emperor Top/Clear Ambassador Bottom)
12” Tom (Remo Clear Emperor Top/Clear Ambassador Bottom)
16” Floor Tom (Remo Clear Emperor Top/Clear Ambassador Bottom)
18” Floor Tom with an open bottom head and a PS3 C2 w/ Clear Dot so it acts like a Gong Bass Drum. I cut out the bottom head with an exacto knife leaving only a thin rim of head attached to the collar. This allowed me to put the bottom hoop on, while still getting a concert tom vibe, and protecting the bearing edge.
22” Kick on stage left (Remo Clear PS3)
24” Kick on stage right (Remo Clear PS3)
CJ's  main snare is a 5 1/2” x 14” Manu Katche with an Emperor X on top. Tuned moderately tight. 
His second snare is a 7” x 14” Yamaha Oak Loud series snare with an Emperor X on top. Although I had to use a little gaff tape on each DT20 trigger to make sure it stayed put, I also put two tape tents on the this drum to create what I like to call the "Superstition Snare". This drum was tuned super super fat.
His 3rd snare is a 13” Musashi with a Coated Emperor, and I tuned it gunshot tight.
We use a mixture of Yamaha and DDrum Triggers for gates, and samples
- The 8”, 10”, and 12” toms have Yamaha DT10 triggers to control the gates
- The 16” and 18” Floors have DDrum DST triggers for gates, and on the 18” there is an extra DDrum DST for samples
- The three snares have Yamaha DT20 triggers for samples
- The Bass Drums have Yamaha DT20 triggers for samples
- There is an Yamaha TP100 Tom pad on his left, and a Yamaha XP100T Tom Pad on his right for samples
The triggers are mapped through an Alternate Mode Turbo KAT 4.5 Trigger controller which also has samples assigned to its 10 pad surface.
CJ uses the FP9310 or the new FP9500C Bass Drum Pedals
His Sabian Cymbal set-up left to right are:
13” Sabian Mini-Hats on a Yamaha Remote Cable Hi-Hat
14” Sabian Evolution Hi-Hats
22” Sabian Legacy
10” Sabian HHX Splash
18” Sabian HHX Evolution Crash
  6” Sabian AAX Splash
12” Sabian HHX Splash
19” Sabian HHX Xplosion
17” Sabian AAX Xtreme Chinese
20” Sabian HHX O-zone Crash

Chris uses Vater 3A wood Tip

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